About Us

CPG is a creative product studio exploring the intersection of generative art and consumer goods. Our mission is to create collaborative, innovative products that advance commercial product design.

CPG has a history of helping startups shape the future of consumer products. CPG began in 2021 as a Genesis group of 333 founders, operators, creatives and VCs creating mentorship opportunities at the intersection of consumer goods and crypto. In 2022, the community expanded with the release of Pop, a collection of 2,777 generative NFTs that drew in a broader community of builders and innovative thinkers through a number of benefits including private events, networking opportunities, seminars, and access to exclusive product drops.

Past cohorts of our CPG Accelerator have also attracted hundreds of business leaders across consumer goods, crypto, entertainment, gaming, and more. Our network is composed of visionaries from traditional retail to AI pioneers. Investors and mentors in past programming have included Color Capital, ThirdWeb, Fireblocks, Protocol Labs, POAP, BanklessDAO, Lens Protocol, 9dcc, Gitcoin, Outlier Ventures, Commonwealth Crypto, Ethereum Foundation, 1kx, Spartan Labs, and many more.

Ismail Tazi
Adnane Tazi
Jaime Derringer
Head of Brand
Chris Cantino
Jaime Schmidt
Paul Busby
Head Moderator
Caitlin Harris
Accelerator Associate
Ghali Anwar
Partnerships Lead
Luis Landeros
Tonya Lobato
Socials Lead