Our mission is to create life-changing opportunities and innovative products for builders and collectors in web3.

CPG Genesis began in 2021 as a group of 333 founders, operators, creatives and VCs creating mentorship opportunities at the intersection of consumer and crypto. As the community grew, we began to incubate web3 applications and NFT drops together.

In 2022, the community expanded with the release of Pop, a collection of 2,777 generative NFTs. The Pop community incubates crypto products with funding from the CPG treasury and support from our community of builders. With private events, seminars, and access to exclusive product drops, the Genesis and Pop communities have established themselves as top web3 builder communities, advancing a more innovative and equitable future for web3.

Chris Cantino
Jaime Schmidt
Mikey Piro
Raffaela Rein
Head of Accelerator
Paul Busby
Head Moderator
Caitlin Harris
Accelerator Associate
Ghali Anwar
Partnerships Lead
Chad Parizman
Media Coordinator
Luis Landeros
Tonya Lobato
Socials Lead